Me at Mt. Toubkal, winter of 2019. Second winter summit ascent.

Mabuhay and welcome to my blog!

Feel welcomed on my atypical, glutton and colorful blog, a collection of steps in mountains, tents on islands, flavors in plates and breathtaking views.

Lived in 3 countries (Philippines, Kingdom of Morocco and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) I’m always hungry for adventure and have this thirst in learning different cultures. Find me either at the summit or in the shores. Traveling is my way of life. Deeply in love with mountaineering, swimming, skinny dipping, island hopping, fishing, and cycling. Loves good food, beer, wine, music, and good human conversation. At home, I used to cook, do yoga, and meditation. A coffee lover. Stay most of my time at the outdoors, breathing the cold air, tasting the salty sea breeze, carefully watching the waves swiftly caressing the sand, listen to the gushing river, pitch my tent or hang my hammock and sleep under 5 billion stars. Call me stingy but I am not into fancy places or manicured resorts. I would rather stay in midrange hotel and maximize my resources so I can go farther. Adores sunrise and sunset which gives me extraordinary energy. We can meet up for coffee or drinks. If you’re lucky enough, we can travel together. I’ll take you to my favorite piece of heaven on earth.






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