My second most favorite province in Panay Island. This enchanting province makes me come back from time to time. Probably due to the unique beauty and experience it offers to its visitors. From majestic mountains of Mt. Madja-as to the crystal clear waters of Malalison Island and to various cultural activities, one will never be bored in Antique. Located in the region of Western Visayas with a population of over half a million in 2017. It is accessible via plane from Manila starting December 2018, vans or buses from Iloilo with 2 hours of travel time. I will be showing some of my favorite places in Antique. You can search for specific articles on this site. I’ll be updating this article from time to time. I need to dig into my photos.

  1. Mt. Madja-as. At a towering height of 2117 masl, it is the highest peak in Panay Island. Famous in the mountaineering scene. Known for its thickly mossy forests and awesome trails. Typical days to scale: 4 days.

    The majestic Mt. Madja-as
  2. Malalison Island. Small island beach destination with a population of more than 500. This can be accessed by renting a small motorboat for 500.00 Php good for 3 persons. Activities to do: trekking, beachcombing, snorkeling, diving, sunset-watching, camping or just simply immersed with the community. Homestays are available. The jump-off point is in Culasi town port.

    The uncrowded beach of Malalison Island
  3. Nogas Island. A 24 hectares government naval reserve. This island is perfect for camping and some water activities including snorkeling and diving. 
  4. Sira-an Hotsprings. Located in Anini-y, at the jumping-off point to Nogas Island is this hot spring site. This is the only hot spring in the whole of Panay Island. Enjoy a relaxing dip in one of the pools overlooking the sea.
  5. Bugtong-Bato Falls & Kawa Bath. This can be accessed by less than an hour trek. This is a perfect place to be reconnected with nature. There are available cottages for rent. This is where you can try the famous kawa (big wok) bath.
    Bugtong-bato Falls 2nd and 3rd tiers

    The famous kawa bath with essential oils and fresh flowers
  6. Caluya Islands. This is quite far from mainland Antique but worth it to visit. It is accessible for 4 hours boat ride in Libertad, Antique. So far, my favorite island in Antique. Home of the vast open-pit coal mining.
  7. Mt. Nangtud. At a towering height of 2073 masl, it is the second-highest peak in Panay Island. Famous in the mountaineering scene and is situated in the town of Barbaza in Antique Province. Known for its thickly mossy forests and awesome trails. You deserve bragging rights if you got here. Typical days to scale: 3 days.
The famous knife-edge trail

8. Antique Rice Terraces. You need to hike for 5 hours to get to this village tuck in the middle of lush forests. Major jumping off point: Brgy. Iglinab, Valderrama, Antique.

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