Heading to Iloilo or Western Visayas? Fancy for a day hike or overnight camping? If yes, head to Napulak. Tigbanaba and Baggay are the 2 major jumping-off points. I always favored Baggay trail as the entry point due to its abundant water source. This is my favorite mountain in the province of Iloilo due to its accessibility and affordability.

Jumping-off point in Tigbanaba
Jumping-off point in Baggay

At a towering height of 1239 masl stands this majestic Mt. Napulak in Igbaras, Iloilo. Along the trail, you will be rewarded with magnificent views, see the blooming flowers of rafflesia. A genus of parasitic flowering plants and is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth.   Also called as “nipple mountain”, it has a huge rock sitting perfectly on the summit and can be accessed through improvised wooden ladder fixed by the locals. On the summit, be mesmerized by the stunning 360′ of views which is a postcard perfect. The campsite is so wide it can accommodate more than 50 tents. On the descent is the jaw-dropping sceneries of cliff, thick tropical forest, falls and natural springs to quench your thirst.


You will be rewarded with a magnificent 360′ view of Panay upon reaching the summit.


Day 1
0800H Depart Iloilo for Igbaras
0830H Arrive in Igbaras. Register at PNP.
0840H Habal-habal ride to Brgy. Tigbanaba.
0920H Arrive in Brgy. Tigbanaba. Start trek.
1130H Early lunch.
1200H Resume trekking.
1600H Arrive at the campsite.
1730H Summit assault. Sunset watching.
1800H Descend from summit to campsite.
1900H Dinner & Socials.
2030H Lights off.

Day 2
0500H Wake up call. Sunrise watching.
0600H Breakfast. Decamp.
0800H Descend.
1130H Lunch.
1200H Resume trekking.
1600H Arrival at Brgy. Bagay (exit point)
1630H Habal-habal ride to Igbaras.
1700H Arrive in town. Transfer to jeepney.
1800H Arrive in Iloilo City. Home sweet home.


The usual drop-off point in Tigbanaba. You have an option to start the trek here or advance until the Tigbanaba marker. My advice: start at this point.
My hiking buddies!
Vast pastureland is a common sight going to the summit.
Rafflesia is a parasitic plant with over 20 species commonly found in the forests in Southeast Asia.
This is the safest spot to pitch your tent.

The big rock which is the summit has a cross on top. A common destination during holy week.

This was my first time to be in Napulak and we were blessed with fine weather.

The open trail from campsite to the pastulan (pastureland)

You’ll never be hungry in Napulak. Nature is too generous.


This canal provides water supply to the villages and farms in Baggay
Passing by “Dante’s Inferno

Carabao or water buffalo. It has a big significance to the farmers in daily activities such as plowing the fields, transport of harvest and other farm supplies.


Iloilo Super (beside Robinsons) jeep to Igbaras         50.00

Environmental fee to be paid at Municipal Tourism     25.00

Igbaras to Tigbanaba by habal-habal                        100.00

Guide fee per day                                                    700.00


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